Playing music is something I have to do. It’s not a hobby but a compulsion and my drive to play music is as strong now as it was when I was a teenager.

And being a member of Jigabit means I get to play often and for some wonderful people.  Most of our ‘gigs’ are for weddings and private parties and I love it. It’s so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and to know we’re really helping the evening to go with a swing.

It’s not all good though. Being a musician means I can’t spend my spare time on a rainy, windswept golf course or following my beloved through the tightly packed isles in Morrisons.

And on Saturday evenings when normal folk are getting ready to meet up with their friends and paint the town red, I’ll be getting ready for work. Because playing in a band really is work. Before the music there is the driving, the fetching and carrying the setting up and the sound checks. But I don’t mind at all. Not one little bit. Because Jigabit know how to give you all a good time and to really get your party going.  And I really like being a part of this band. Playing music means a lot to me and it also means I don’t need to get a real job, such as a traffic warden or a tax inspector.  Neither of us want that, do we?

Photo ©2012 Philip Williams, PWConsultants.co.uk

Photography by Colin Brooks

Photography by Colin Brooks

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