Simon started drumming for the school orchestra in 1973. (aged 14). He joined Shirebrook brass band in 1974 and at the same time formed a group at school and started to play the club circuit. The band was called “Second Coming” not what you think…. A religious combo?.... no… but named after an Alice Cooper track from, SImon thinks, his “Dead Babies” album.

Simon was asked by a local Ceilidh band called “Some Like it Hot” to help them with a few gigs. As a result of these connections, he was asked by Judy Dunlop, a local folk Singer to do some recording on her album “Tea for Two” with Al Harris.
Out of this came a work with the band “FIve Go Off” in Nottingham, again with Al Harris. Was there no escape?.
Form 2005, Simon has gigged with Jigabit when a drummer is needed and is always a great addition to the band! He copes effortlessly with all the styles needed, ceilidh tunes to rock covers.

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