FAQ 11 When’s the best time to serve the food and what do we do about music for the break?

If the Band is playing for the whole evening, they would usually take a break at a suitable point about half way and this break is the best time to serve any refreshments, to avoid splitting the evening more than necessary.

We recommend having the food in the mid-way break rather than having a “rolling buffet” all night, as food is always a big distraction from the dancing.

Occasionally, people prefer to serve the food at the start of the evening, in which case the band would need to be aware of this. The band would still most likely need to take a mid-way break during the remaining part of the evening, depending on the overall time slot they are booked for.

It can take an average of about 30-45 minutes to serve food for a party of, say, 70-100 guests. If there is no evening buffet, the band’s mid-way break would be about 20-30 minutes.

Recorded music can be played during the mid-way break – your choice of music or the band’s choice of music, as it’s fine to bring along your own compilation on an Ipod or mp3 player as long as the band knows beforehand that you wish for this. An Ipod can be plugged into the band’s PA system if you have your own selection of musical favourites you’d like played during the break.

If your music is on CD you’ll need to bring the CD player as well as the CD for the band to play through their system, ensuring that the CD is compatible with your CD player.





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