FAQ 12 Can we do an Opening Dance or First Dance at our wedding Ceilidh or Barn Dance?

Yes! At weddings, the bride and groom - “newly weds” - sometimes like to do a First Dance or Opening Dance to their favourite song. We ask you to bring along your chosen track on an Ipod for the band to play through the PA system, making it clear to the band or caller exactly which track you want played, so the correct track starts the night! A word of warning - be prepared to be more scared dancing “on show” than you thought you would . . . . !

The Ceilidh or Barn Dance begins immediately after the First Dance and works well as a way to start the evening off.

Occasionally, couples even learn a dance routine to open the evening party and impress their guests. In this case, it’s essential to make a note to bring the track on your Ipod or all that dance routine practice may be wasted! I’ve seen one couple do an amazing Cha-Cha routine and another couple had rehearsed a fabulous Salsa routine – good enough for Strictly Come Dancing – but this is the exception to the rule.

To open the night, some couples like the chance to do a simple ceilidh dance on their own or with the “Top Table” guests or immediate family members. Dances like The Grand March or the Gay Gordons are very suitable for this, but the band and caller will definitely need to know your wish for this beforehand, to ensure they can fulfil your request.

For some people, the very thought of dancing alone is terrifying, naff, awful, a total no-no – So you’ll be pleased to know that since it’s YOUR DAY – there’s NO obligation whatsoever to dance alone. It really is OK if you prefer not to make a thing of the first dance, and just get stuck into the Ceilidh with the Caller leading EVERYONE through the first dance.

All of these alternatives are fine.