FAQ 13 Should we book a DJ or arrange an Ipod disco as well as the Barn Dance or Ceilidh Band?

Having a Ceilidh as well as more contemporary music during an evening certainly caters for a wider range of musical tastes, providing both traditional and modern music. You do need to make it clear to me if you are booking a DJ or arranging your own Ipod disco, as some bands are quite willing to share an evening with a DJ and other bands prefer not to. Arranging your own Ipod disco is far cheaper than hiring a DJ and takes up far less space. Please be fully aware that you will need to arrange – borrow or hire – and bring along your own speakers and suitable amplifier to play your music after the ceilidh or barn dance ends, as the band’s PA will not be available after they finish their slot.

For the evening to work best, it really is best if the Ceilidh is the first part of the evening, and the Disco takes over entirely after the Ceilidh or Barn Dance finishes. Alternating short spots of Ceilidh / Disco / Ceilidh does NOT work, believe me!

If you’re booking a DJ, you need to make sure BEFORE THE DATE that both the Band and DJ have enough space at the venue to set up comfortably. It’s best to situate the Ceilidh Band in a position which will enable their easy exit so once the Band has finished and packed up their equipment and instruments, they can leave without walking through the dancers and disturbing the Disco. The band asks for 10-15 minutes of packing up time before the DJ starts and the lights go dim!