FAQ 16 Can I listen to the Band, and “try before I buy”?

Whenever I recommend a particular band to a potential booker, I always send out sound samples by email. If you are booking a band independently of me, do always ask to hear some sound samples of the band and make sure that the samples are actually representative of the band line-up they would be offering for your party. I would be very cautious about making a booking if a band or agency cannot offer good quality recent recordings of the band.

Since most Ceilidh and Barn Dance Bands play for many private functions, it’s not always easy to hear a band playing live, but it can occasionally be arranged, if permission is granted by the hosts, though it can feel a bit strange “gate-crashing” even with permission! Of course, if the band has a pubic event they’re playing for, you can buy tickets and go along and see the band playing and join in the dancing.





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