FAQ 19 What happens when we say YES to booking the Band and / or Caller you recommend?

Once all the finer details have been discussed and agreed, I confirm the booking in writing. All Bands, Callers and agents all have their own particular way of confirming bookings. Some bands are happy with only a verbal agreement, but for the sake of all parties, I really believe it’s best to put everything in writing. When I confirm a booking for my own band JIGABIT or for any other band, I send out a detailed confirmation letter and one or two clear, detailed Booking Forms for you to complete, sign and return to me. I ask for a deposit or booking fee up front to secure the date, leaving the balance to be paid in cash to the band on the night.

You keep the letter (and make a copy of the forms if you wish), and then everyone has something in writing. If it’s an “agent booking” for another band, the band also gets a copy of the completed signed form.

Once I have received the completed booking forms and deposit from you, then the booking is definite and confirmed. Only serious illness or accident on the day would prevent things happening as agreed, and then the band, caller or myself would do our utmost to find a replacement as we all know a good range of musicians to call on in extreme circumstances.

All bookings are subject to a cancellation clause and an overtime clause, along with a number of other terms and conditions clearly stated in the confirmation paperwork.

I am always willing to provide contact details for the band or Caller so you can speak directly to them nearer the date, though strictly speaking it’s not necessary as everything is usually finalised at the booking stage. For “emergency purposes” it’s reassuring to have a band’s contact details though. Please note that not all agents will provide a band’s contact details, expecting you to direct any questions through the agency.

All you then need to do is turn up and leave the rest to the band and Caller!

So there you are – it’s easy to book a band and caller through Fiona - GO FOR IT! ‘Phone or email me with your requirements and let’s get started! Please supply as much information as possible on your initial enquiry, to speed up the booking process.

The date, the venue and location are the key details I need.