FAQ 8 How many people are needed to make it a successful Ceilidh or Barn dance?

I generally recommend 40-50 as a minimum number, and 70 upwards is ideal. As long as at least 20-30 people are willing to get up at any one time, the dance will go well. Even better, of course, if far more people are willing to dance, but we realise that occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversary parties are a good opportunity for people to meet up for the first time in ages and catch up on news, so socialising is also a priority.

If there were, say, about 80-120 guests, we’d never expect everyone to be up dancing every time. There will always be some people who don’t wish to join in at all and who prefer to sit and watch or chat, which is fine.

If you’re having a party of fewer than 40 people, to be honest, I probably wouldn’t really recommend a barn dance or ceilidh, as having any fewer than 16–24 dancers participating at any one time during the evening makes it feel a bit of a struggle so a small group means that the same people would be asked to dance every dance and it would be totally exhausting!





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