Are you looking for a great Barn Dance or Ceilidh Band with a friendly skilled Caller for a Wedding, Birthday or Anniversary party, or for a public event, church or charity fund-raiser, or large corporate function? If so, you've come to the right place!

Would you like help with choosing the most suitable Band and Caller for your party or event? By using this website, all the hard work will be taken out of your search! There are a lot of Bands out there, and the quality and styles vary enormously.

Fiona’s experience of over 40 years in playing for and arranging bands for Scottish and Irish style Ceilidhs, English or American Barn Dances and Hoe Downs means she has great contacts with the most experienced UK Bands and Callers and can recommend the most suitable options for you, wherever your barn dance or ceilidh is taking place, even though Fiona is East Midlands based.

Fi offers a personalised efficient service, using her long-standing experience to check availability and book the Barn Dance or Ceilidh Band and Caller for you with minimum hassle, giving you best value for money, whatever your price-range.

High quality demo samples, info about the band and Caller and quotes are sent to you by email within about 24-48 hours of initial contact.

Usually, a duo, trio or quartet sized band plus Caller is offered, but if it is a very small party or if budget is a key issue, Fiona will offer a solo caller using good quality pre-recorded music or one musician and Caller.

Enlisting Fiona’s help avoids the risk of ending up with a poor quality band or an inappropriate style of music for your function, ensuring you have a terrific fun evening with your friends and family, dancing to good music and clearly called dance steps!

Please feel free to contact Fiona by email or phone to discuss your requirements.

Some appreciative comments by past bookers of Ceilidh and Barn Dance Bands and Callers using this website:

"Fiona's help in finding a Ceilidh band for our wedding day was both professional and meticulous. The Ceilidh Band was not only good value, but arrived and set up with no fuss, not to mention the fact that they were awesome! We can't thank Fiona enough for taking the stress out of finding our evening's entertainment and can't thank the band enough for such a wonderful evening."

"When I initially spoke to you on the 'phone, you were confident that you could provide what I wanted - you certainly did that. Thank you for helping to make our day so memorable."

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to any other couple looking for an entertaining evening which appeals to all ages. Thank you again."

"You're doing a GREAT job of making people's weddings happy! What a lovely service: Efficient booking, helpful advice, and most of all, a rip-roaring time! We and all our guests had the most wonderful time dancing the night away...I didn't want to leave at the end of it!"

Phone: 01509 673867
Mobile: 07761 805508

To speed up the booking process, please provide the following key information on initial contact with Fiona:
  • Date of the event (or a choice of dates)
  • The occasion - is it a wedding, birthday, corporate, church social, Charity fund raiser, anniversary etc.
  • Venue name, address and post code
  • Any preference of style you may have – Would you prefer Scottish, Irish, English, American style, or a good mixture of all styles
  • An approximate idea of your budget (Prices range from about £250 upwards – see FAQs on costs)
  • Your phone and email contact details
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